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Man raises $31000 to look after feral cats with Reddits help

Willie Ortiz funds himself by collecting and selling scrap metals so he’s able to feed feral cats living on the street. Ortiz has been feeding street cats for over 22 years with the help of his trusty truck.

Every night, 76-year-old, retired Ortiz goes around his town, Hartford, to feed and take care of street-dwelling cats. Ortiz finds unneutered cats, takes them to the vet, has them “fixed” then releases them back to where he found them.

Ortiz’s main source of funding for the cats was from collecting and selling scrap metal until a friend started a GoFundMe campaign which raised over $31,000 for the dedicated man. After starting the GoFundMe, someone posted the campaign on Reddit which lead to donations flying in from all around the world.

So far Ortiz has spent a small amount of the donations on a new truck where his old vehicle, which was used to collect scrap metal started leaking every time he made a stop. The rest of the donations are going into savings with specific instructions to be used for stray and abandoned animal organizations after he’s gone.

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