HEADLINES: Trump vs Kim Jong-un Crises Currently Averted.. For Now

Tensions are at an all-time high with Donald Trump and Kim-Jong-un starring at each other in the face, waiting for the first strike.

The latest information on the hopefully-not-to-be-soon-WWIII is Trump wrongfully stated the “armada was heading towards North Korea” because of the recent missile tests from the regime. The statement was corrected by the Defence Department saying the fleet was heading towards Australia for drill exercises and other training activities.

“Todd Weiler, the former Assistant Secretary of Defence for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, told The Independent the catalogue of errors could be due to a lack of political leadership within the Pentagon. Mr Weiler said he had not heard of any specific miscommunication issues but the lack of political appointees “creates the obvious lack of direction on the President’s policies””. independent.co.uk

Before the “corrected” statement, the news would have traveled fast to North Korea where they started military precautions in case of an invasion which obviously made the situation worse and left the U.S. and the world holding our breath. We would only assume after hearing the armada was heading for Australia; North Korea would have lightened up while keeping a watchful eye.

Now, a few questions come to mind while looking at the facts why was Vice President, Mike Pence part of the armada? Why was the correction from the Defence Department only just come out?

We’re not sure if Trump or the Defence Department is telling the truth and we never might, but the clear thing is different governmental departments are having doubts about its current state of leadership. The uncertainties make the U.S. seem weak and unstable.

With the recent ongoings, it’s divided certain parties which leave vulnerabilities such as miss-communication, miss-understandings, lack of cooperations and other bad juju that could lead up to an eventual war.

We like action and competition as much as the next guy but when it comes to throwing nukes at each other, not so much. With Trump’s short time as President, he’s done more harm than good, and we’re afraid the longer he’s in this position, he’ll cause more and perhaps permanent damages.

 “Uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!” John Dickinson.

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