Does Donald Trump truly understand his actions?

During his first 100 days in office, Donald Trump has no doubt made an unspoken statement that he is the new President by taking matters overseas through orders to send missiles to Syria and dropping “mother of all bombs” on Afghanistan. What about issues closer to home?

While Trump was making decisions overseas (while sitting comfortably at home in America), he has failed to pass on his promises to the American people. Sure, policies take time and need to pass through several people before it’s approved, but we haven’t seen much action in America, which begs the question, “does Donald Trump truly understand his actions?”.

The President’s actions could potentially cause more harm than good. Trump, within 100 days, has undone things that took sweat, tears, and years to build without following through with his promises. What we do give Trump credit for is giving veterans better health care… at the last minute of his 100 days. And what about bringing jobs back to America? Yes, he signed off on it, after he was pressured to by the public. The backlash of signing an order for jobs going back to the American people are business owners will find other ways to hire people with cheaper labor.

How about the bombings overseas, travel bans and the whole North Korea scenario, what kind of backlash will this bring to American soil? The decisions by the President could have an immense negative impact on you and those around you. We wonder if Trump truly knows what he may or may not have done and the implications of his actions.

While Trump might be protecting American soldiers overseas, he needs to pay more attention to the American people and the promises he has made.

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